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Scroll down for meditation links, but first, Jamie drops some science…

“The words meditation and medication sound suspiciously similar, and this is no coincidence. These words, along with the term medicine, come from the same Latin root, mederi, which means “to heal.” So, although many people think of meditation as an Eastern tradition, with roots in Vedic, Hindu, or Buddhist practices, it seems as though the ancient Romans also recognized the healing powers of this introspective practice. Indeed, Catholicism’s rosary beads come from the same root as the beaded necklace or mala many Hindu or Buddhist practitioners carry, and the idea is the same: Repeating the same holy words again and again is thought to infuse the mind with their holy essence.

Modern science has developed and substantiated the idea of neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to change and reshape itself through the lifespan. This understanding lends a secular twist to these ancient, sacred practices.”

-Dr. Jamie Zimmerman

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